Until Justice Just Is | Formerly Stand Against Racism

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Until Justice Just Is

Until Justice Just Is (UJJI), formerly known as Stand Against Racism, is an annual campaign of YWCA USA, designed to build community among those who work for racial justice and raise awareness about the impact of institutional and structural racism. This annual campaign provides the opportunity for communities across the United States to find an issue or cause that inspires them to unite their voices to educate, advocate, and promote racial justice. UJJI is one part of our larger national strategy to fulfill our mission of eliminating racism.

  • Participate in community UJJI events which the YWCA will share as the month progresses.
  • Members of the public, local businesses, groups and organizations are invited to sign the Until Justice Just Is pledge and host their own Until Justice Just Is events. Events can be registered using this form to receive support, materials and promotion from the YWCA. 
  • Participate in the YWCA Racial Justice Challenge, (previously the 21-Day Challenge): In 2023, participants will investigate four subjects, Disability, Housing, Mental Health, and Music. The Challenge will begin on April 17, 2023 and wrap up on May 15, 2023. Register now, and you will receive emails with more information as the start date approaches.

YWCA of Asheville will host events throughout UJJI. On April 13, there will be a virtual keynote, and we will host a watch party for
Advancing Justice: Ensuring Equity for All. YWCA USA CEO Margaret Mitchell will sit down with an array of experts, community leaders, and elected officials to discuss the intersection between racism and housing disparities, how disability and mental health challenges relate to those disparities, and what we can do to address the most critical issues impacting communities of color today!  RSVP Here to attend the in-person watch party at the YWCA (or register here to attend virtually).

Then, to close out the Until Justice Just Is campaign, on Monday May 15th from 5:30-7:30pm, the YWCA of Asheville will be hosting a film screening of Beyond Walls: A compilation of 5 Films for Prison Industrial Complex Abolition. The screening will be followed by guided discussion and reflection. This was made possible by partnership with Working Films. Light refreshments will be provided. RSVP Here to join us!


or Learn more at Justice.ywca.org/about

For More Information, Contact
YWCA Racial Justice Advocate