Stand Against Racism

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Take a Stand Against Racism in Your Community

The YWCA’s Stand Against Racism, in partnership with YWCA Associations nationwide, aims to build community among those who work for racial justice and to raise awareness about the negative impact of institutional and structural racism. This campaign is one part of our larger strategy to fulfill our mission of eliminating racism.

Stand Against Racism es un programa asociado con el YWCA en todo el país para construir una comunidad entre todos los que trabajan para justicia racial y para crear conciencia de los impactos negativos del racismo institucional y estructural. Esta campaña es parte de nuestra estrategia nacional para cumplir nuestra misión de eliminar el racismo.

2019 Stand Against Racism Theme: No Hate, No Fear

This year, we will be focusing on immigration and racism, and the ways in which they intersect. We know that immigrant justice is racial justice, and that xenophobia, bigotry, and racism is continuing to impact the lives and safety of our communities. With ongoing attacks on immigrants taking place in our communities across the country, and with continued xenophobic rhetoric and sentiment amplified across huge media platforms that we engage with every day, we feel like this topic is incredibly timely, appropriate, and relevant for this year’s campaign.

Tema de Oponerse al racismo 2019: Nada de Odio, Nada de Temor

Este Año, nos enfocaremos en la inmigración, el racismo, y las formas en que se cruzan. Sabemos que la justicia de los inmigrantes es la justicia racial, y que la xenofobia, parcialidad, y el racismo continúan impactando las vidas y la seguridad de nuestras comunidades. Con los continuos ataques en contra de los inmigrantes a través del país,retórica, xenófobos y sentimiento amplificaron enormes plataformas de medios con las que nos relacionamos todos los días. Sentimos que este tema es increíblemente oportuno, apropiado, y relevante para la campaña de este año.

2019 Asheville Stand Against Racism Events:

Monday, April 1,  8:00am — 4:30pm (MAHEC): Health Equity in Action  “Healthy Moms, Babies, and Families Create Healthy Communities,” a summit that will provide an overview of the Community Centered Health Home while showcasing a local implementation success story of the model, Mothering Asheville. For More Information Contact: Maggie Adams (828-674-8258)

Tuesday, April 23, 6:30 – 8:30 pm (Rainbow Community School & Buncombe Partnership for Children): Join Rainbow Community School and Buncombe Partnership for Children for a discussion of talking to kids about race and racism using developmental benchmarks for children from preschool through middle school. This event is free and open to the public, and child care is provided. Please register hereFor More Information Contact: Danae Aicher (828-258-9264 x 170)

Friday, April 26, 2019, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (Evergreen Community Charter School): During the month of April 2019, students at Evergreen Community Charter School will be creating posters to express their stance to “Stand Against Racism.” Students are invited to explore this year’s theme of “Note Hate, No Fear,” which focuses on immigration justice. For More Information Contact: Tiffany Mead (828-301-2193)

Friday, April 26, 10:00 am – 10:30 am (Asheville Primary School):  Asheville Primary School, Vance Elementary School, Hall Fletcher Elementary School, Rainbow Community School, and other elementary schools on the west side of Asheville will be holding a West Side Walk for Peace. For More Information Contact:Lauren Evans (828-747-9216) 

Friday, April 26, 2019, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm (The Hop Ice Cream Cafe): The Hop Ice Cream Cafe is donating 10% of it’s sales on Friday, April 26th to YWCA Stand Against Racism. For More Information Contact: Greg Garrison (828-254-2224) 

Saturday, April 27, 2019, 8:00 am – 2:30 pm (Sunny Point Cafe): Sunny Point Cafe will have a poster with the pledge to stand against racism for customers and staff  to sign. For More Information Contact: Michelle Alexander (828-252-0055)

Sunday, April 28, 2019, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm (YWCA of Asheville): Join YWCA of Asheville for a film screening and panel discussion of “Immigrant Prisons,” at the Grail Moviehouse. This is a film about the United States and its biggest immigrant prison system in the word, the conditions found in immigrant prisons, and the mistreatment many detained immigrants endure. For More Information Contact: Azing Chin (828-254-7206 x 102)

Join Us This Year!

We invite you and your organization, business, school or group to participate in the Stand Against Racism, April 24-28, 2019. Here are some ways your Stand Against Racism event can take shape:

  • Talk Within your Group: Have a dialogue about race based on inspirational leaders, a common reading or a video which brings out these issues. You could also research the legacy and history of racism in our community, and ways your organization can better build relationships with African American and Latinx communities.

  • Hable dentro de su grupo: tenga una sesión de diálogo o una sesión de aprendizaje sobre la raza basado en líderes inspiradores, una lectura común o un vídeo que muestre estos temas. También puede investigar formas en que su organización sirve o no a las comunidades afroamericanas y latinex y discutirlo con sus colegas. Busque maneras de servir mejor.
  • Day of Support: A day of support can be as simple as having employees at a business or students at a school wear “Stand Against Racism” t-shirts or buttons. Put up Stand Against Racism posters or create a sign in front of your building that says, “We stand against racism with the YWCA.”

  • Día de apoyo: Un día de apoyo puede ser tan simple como organizar a los empleados de una empresa o estudiantes en una escuela para que lleven camisetas o botones “En Contra Del Racismo “. Colocar carteles de Oponerse al Racismo o crear un cartel frente a su edificio que diga: “Nos oponemos al racismo junto con la YWCA.”
  • Educational Events: Host a film screening, panel discussion or local speaker. Host an inspirational rally to raise public awareness, put pressure on local decision makers or take local action.

  • Eventos educativos: Organicen una proyección de película, panel de discusión o orador local.Organice una reunión inspiradora para aumentar la conciencia pública, presione a los representantes de decisiones locales o tome medidas locales.
  • Service Project: Partner with another local organization or business to reach out and give back to the community. Service projects are an excellent way to start conversations, bring people together from different parts of the community and gain perspective around racial issues in Asheville.

  • Proyecto de servicio: asociarse con otras organizaciones o empresas locales para comunicarse y devolver a la comunidad y. Los proyectos de servicio son una excelente manera de iniciar conversaciones, reunir a personas de diferentes partes de la comunidad y obtener una perspectiva sobre los problemas raciales en Asheville.
  • Social Media Action: Encourage people to tweet or post on Facebook about how they plan to combat racism in the community. Participate in the #StandAgainstRacism photo petition by sending in photos of you and others wearing a Stand Against Racism t-shirt.

  • Acción de los medios sociales: Anime a las personas a twittear o publicar en Facebook sobre cómo planean combatir el racismo en la comunidad. Participe en la petición de foto #Standaginstracism  publicando fotos suyas y de otras personas que usan una camiseta de Oponerse al Racismo.

Want to invite a friend or colleague to participate in Stand Against Racism? Reply to this email with their name and contact information and we will reach out to them.

¿Quieres invitar a un amigo o colega a participar En Contra Del Racismo? Favor de mandar un correo electrónico con su nombre e información de contacto y nos pondremos en contacto con ellos.

Register online at

For More Information, Contact:
Gerry Leonard, Racial Justice & Outreach Specialist
828-254-7206 x 219

Para más información contacte:
Gerry Leonard, especialista en justicia racial y divulgación
T: 828-254-7206 x 219 F: 828.258.8731