Light a Path

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Light a Path (LAP), formerly an independent organization, has become an official program of the YWCA of Asheville. The program’s focus is perfectly aligned with YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women by increasing representation and serving underserved spaces. LAP is driven by volunteer certified yoga/fitness instructors who offer class instruction for youth, the incarcerated, the unhoused, and those in recovery at community partner locations. Volunteers are trained in racial justice, physical responses to trauma, and trauma-informed wellness.

We are currently accepting applications for volunteers with certification in yoga, fitness modalities, Reiki and other mind-body practices.

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We follow up with volunteers to interview, offer training, shadowing of current volunteers, support for placement, continued learning, regular contact and monthly newsletter, and to take part in quarterly discussions of trauma-informed instruction to continue learning from each other. Our current request is a commitment of 4 hours per month to volunteer with the option to work seasonally. Thank you for your interest in the YWCA Light a Path program.

For More Information, contact:

LAP Coordinator

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