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Health & Wellness Fair – January 8th

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Reimagine Health and Wellness with us! The YWCA Health and Wellness Center provides a safe space for EVERYbody, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, age, race, and size, so together we can build strong relationships and empower each other. Join us for mini-group exercise classes taught by YWCA instructors, gym and aquatic center tours, an Empowered Self Defense mini-course, and local vendors from a variety of holistic health modalities.

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JANUARY 8th; 10 am-2 pm

  • 10-10:45 am – Intro to Personal Training: Meet and greet with our personal trainers to learn the benefits of personal training and working together in a team to meet your personal goals!
  • 10-12 pm – Empowered Self Defense Mini-Course: A holistic approach to personal safety which teaches tools to combat the whole spectrum of violence, from verbal harassment to physical violence.
  • 10-10:30 am – Stretching for Everybody Mini Class: Seated and standing exercises designed to improve physical performance, enhance range of motion and reduce muscle fatigue.
  • 10 am-12 pm – Swim Stroke Clinic: Freestyle, Back, Breast, and Fly: Have your swim strokes analyzed by an expert. Improving your stroke can improve ailments, enhance endurance, and help you reach personal achievements!
  • 11 am-11:45 am – Gym Circuit Training Mini Class: Learn the ins and outs of our gym while trying different exercises and activities for short periods of time, taking on cardio, resistance, and strength training activities at various stations.
  • 12:30 am-1 pm – Meditation 101 Mini Class: A half-hour meditation class for beginners or people looking for a refresh; learn the benefits of meditation, followed by a clearly and simply guided 15-minute mindfulness meditation.
  • 1-1:45 pm – New Years Intention Setting Class: Our Intention Setting Class honors the mini successes and micro falters of goal setting. By celebrating the successes along the way and not dwindling on the “trips ups” we are more likely to achieve our goals and create sustained healthy habits.

For more information or for questions please contact our Health and Wellness team at 828.254.7206 or download our Membership App by searching “YWCA of Asheville & WNC” in your app store.