Health & Wellness Employee Spotlight – Macie Murphy

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Health & Wellness Employee Spotlight – Macie Murphy

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Macie joined the YWCA in July 2021, and if you’ve been in the building you’ve probably been greeted with her warm energy and welcoming smile. Macie is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and as our Membership Coordinator, she’s here to support all members. 

Raised by a strong single mother who worked tirelessly to cover the bills, Macie saw her mom compromise her own wellbeing at times to ensure all of Macie’s needs were met. She did the absolute best she could to provide for us with the resources and education she had, and I know my mom could have benefited from a program like what we have here at the YWCA,” says Macie. With just the two of them navigating their hardships together, Macie grew determined to build a life that was abundant, full of resources, and felt empowering. 

As a first-generation college student, Macie studied human development and family science, with minors in wellness and psychology. “I knew I loved people and have always had a natural ability to connect with others, and I wanted a career that allowed me to help people be well”.

While obtaining her Master’s degree in Higher Education and working in her field, Macie quickly learned about barriers that people had to overcome to thrive. Poverty, access, and discrimination were all clear barriers to people’s wellbeing. “As a young professional serving others who needed support, I quickly experienced burnout, anxiety, and stress.” Looking for ways to feel more balanced in her life, Macie put in the 200 hours required to become a certified yoga instructor, for herself and as a way to support those she was serving.

Soon she embarked on dual certificates in Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching. Macie shares that she “hopes to broaden the perspective of what society sees as health. The YWCA is truly removing barriers to wellness by redefining what it means to be well, and by valuing health equity in their programs.” Today she is part of the YWCA’s Health and Wellness team, has a passion for helping people, supports programming that is accessible, inclusive, and that defines wellness as supporting the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. 

Stop by for a tour or join us at an event and meet Macie and the rest of our Health and Wellness team!

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