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Our Leadership is made up of YWCA Staff and the members of the Board of Directors.

Women have held leadership positions throughout the history of our organization. At the YWCA, most of the administration and program directors and all board members are women. We believe representation matters. Our leadership, along with the whole of the YWCA staff, reflects the efforts the YWCA makes to reach out to women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups.

Chief Executive Officer

Diana Sierra, Chief Executive Officer | Ext. 210 | email

Administrative Team

Dr. Amieris Lavender, Chief Program Officer | Ext. 206 | email

Coryn Harris, Chief Advancement Officer | Ext. 207 | email

Suzy Johnson, Chief Financial and Operations Officer | Ext. 208 | email

Kendra Cowan, Director of Human Resources | Ext. 209 | email

Catalina Slater, Director of Marketing & Communications | Ext. 203 | email 

Management Team

Kelley Hubbell, Director of Women’s Empowerment | Ext. 104 | email

Denise Purcell, Director of Early Learning | Ext. 106 | email 

Kitty Schmidt, Director of Fitness and Aquatics | Ext. 110 | email

Alesia Summey, Director of Empowerment Childcare | Ext. 113 | email 

Kathleen Kuster, Director of Facilities | Ext. 107 | email 

Leadership Team

Melinda Aponte, Nutrition Coordinator | Ext. 117 | email 

Rebecca Buchanan, Finance/HR Assistant | Ext. 218 | email 

Belle Crawford, Advancement Coordinator | Ext. 215 | email 

Amanda Durst, Grant Writer | Ext. 103 | email 

Sonia Kay, MotherLove Coordinator | Ext. 205 | email 

Charlene Shelton, Early Learning Program Coordinator | Ext. 109 | email 

Jennifer Tracy, Getting Ahead Coordinator | Ext. 116 | email 

Tre Williams, Racial Justice Advocate | Ext. 119 | email 

Board of Directors

Board Officers

Jesica Hooper


Zakiya Bell-Rogers

First Vice-Chair

Elizabeth Becker


Leah Noel


Jess Rothenhoefer

Sustainability Chair

Board Members

Alaina Nelson

Kalla Hughley

La’Neice Blessing

Elizabeth Jay Carr

Tiffany Armstrong

Amanda Edwards

Andrea Wright

Sherry Whitesides Hicks


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