Salsa, Sabor y Salud

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Promoting health and wellness for Latinx families with Salsa, Sabor y Salud

YWCA is dedicated to addressing health disparities in our community.  Health disparities for those in the Latinx community – including increased rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease – are often shaped by language and cultural barriers, lack of access to preventive care, and the lack of health insurance. Salsa, Sabor y Salud (Salsa) is YWCA’s  Spanish health program that aims to help Latinx families build better habits around physical activity and healthy eating.

Promoviendo la salud y el bienestar para las familias latinx con Salsa, Sabor y Salud

¿Qué es Salsa Sabor y Salud? Un programa en cual participantes aprenden y charlan sobre comer más saludable y participar en actividades físicas y divertidas. El programa esta gratis para los adultos pero tiene un costo pequeño para lecciones de natación para los niños.

Salsa, Sabor y Salud is YWCA's Spanish health program for Latinx familiesActividades incluyen:

  • Planación de comida saludable
  • Planación de rutina ejercicio
  • Cena comunitaria al final para celebrar
  • Membresia gratis del gimnasio!

Próximas fechas del programa:

Se lleva a cabo en verano. Por favor revise para fechas futuras.

Para más información o para registrarse llame a:
Leah Berger-Singer, Preventive Health Coordinator
828-254-7206 ext. 212



What is included in YWCA’s Spanish Health program?

Salsa, Sabor y Salud centers around culturally-relevant activities and discussions that highlight ways that families can make small steps each week towards their wellness goals. We provide fun, educational activities, and discussions during which families learn about various health-related topics ranging from reading nutrition labels to having fun with exercise at home.

The YWCA Fitness Center provides all families with a free gym and pool membership during program attendance with only a small cost for swim lessons for the children. We partner with other organizations in our community to help families build resources and networks of support.

Upcoming Program Dates:

Salsa takes place in summer. Please check back for future dates.


For More Information, Contact:
Leah Berger-Singer, Preventive Health Coordinator
828-254-7206 ext. 212