We Need to Raise 60k to Repair our Aging Building

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We Need to Raise 60k to Repair our Aging Building

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Dear Community Members, 

The YWCA recently learned that our aging HVAC system can no longer reliably heat and cool our building. This means more than discomfort for members and staff – we are required to maintain a consistent and healthy temperature in the building for the well-being and safety of the children in our childcare programs. We are asking for your help to address the immediate need for $60k to replace the first five of our 24 HVAC units and ensure that both of our Childcare programs can continue to provide accessible childcare to working families and the work of the YWCA can continue without disruption.

Access to childcare is one of the most significant barriers for working parents. Interruptions in our childcare programs, even temporarily, would not only be devastating for the families we serve but would also be a great loss for our community, our businesses, and our region. 

We occupy a historic building and this is maintenance that we cannot defer. The YWCA at 185 S. French Broad is over 60 years old, but it is more than a building. It represents a 116-year-old legacy and a major step forward in the desegregation of Asheville. The Phyllis Wheatley YWCA – the Black branch of the YW – broke ground at 185 S. French Broad in 1962. In 1971, the white YWCA, located on Grove St. in Asheville, closed and merged with the Wheatley YWCA in the building on S. French Broad, creating one united, integrated YWCA.

This building is a symbol of long-standing connections, a hub of activity and it plays an important role in the daily lives of so many. 

Since 1907, the YWCA of Asheville has been dedicated to Eliminating Racism, Empowering Women, and Promoting Peace, Justice, Freedom, and Dignity for all. Will you contribute to this project to update and repair our infrastructure? Together we can ensure that the long legacy of the YWCA continues into the future. Thank you for your generosity as we ensure that our facilities continue to meet the needs of our community.

With Gratitude,

Diana Sierra, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer, YWCA of Asheville