2022 – A Year in Review

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2022 – A Year in Review

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Dear YWCA Family,

As our calendar year comes to a close, I reflect on the YWCA’s many
accomplishments and my heart is filled with gratitude. Seeing what community
partners, participants, donors, and staff can achieve together keeps me going.
Everything we do contributes to our mission, but here are some things I am
especially proud of:

We expanded our racial justice offerings to include customized racial
justice workshops. These workshops are for groups interested in diving
into conversations about race, social justice, and liberation that can lead
to meaningful change. We are also reactivating our Advocacy Committee;
volunteers, board members, and staff work together to make advances in social
justice and equity for our community.

We continue to nurture children. We welcomed parents and volunteer Foster
Grandparents back into classrooms. Farmer’s market Fridays are stronger than
ever, as our nutrition team partners with local farmers to bring fresh produce to
classrooms. Students are expanding their palates, and exploring
nutritious foods!

The addition of Light A Path (LAP) to our health and wellness program allows
us to expand in important ways. LAP offers class instruction for youth, the
incarcerated, the unhoused, and those in recovery at community partner
locations; LAP supports our goal to offer body-positive, inclusive space to care
for yourself, your mind, and your body.

Our work to Empower Women is thriving. MotherLOVE in-person lunch bunches have returned, offering support to our teens in a more direct manner. Getting Ahead graduate Porshea Boseman energized the audience as she shared her experiences at this year’s Persimmon Social. Porshea was so dynamic and inspiring that she received multiple job offers following the event! If you want to be a part of this electrifying event I invite you to join us for an Empower Hour by emailing emma.nguyen@ywcaofasheville.org.Thank you to our staff, to all of our program participants, and to you, our YWCA family, for continuing to believe in and play a critical part in our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women at the YWCA. We look forward to seeing you in the coming year!

In Gratitude,

Diana Sierra,
CEO YWCA of Asheville