Fitness Center Renovation Begins December 2nd

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Fitness Center Renovation Begins December 2nd

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A note from our Chief  Health and Wellness Officer, Jan Calder:

I have super exciting news to share! The YWCA Fitness Center will be undergoing a long overdue transformation! As our goal is to not only meet, but exceed your fitness needs, a complete line of NEW Nautilus strength training equipment will replace the 25+ year old Paramount equipment; NEW Schwinn spin bikes with the ability to track your workouts will replace the old; and, the Fitness Center floor will be refinished back to its original beauty!

To make this dream a reality, the Fitness Center will be closed from Sunday, December 2nd through Sunday, December 9th. Have no fear… your health and fitness is our top priority! The week of renovation will be a great time to try out a group fitness class in the Fitness Studio on the second floor or explore the many Aquatics options available. To further offset any inconvenience, the Fitness Studio will be staffed by a Fitness Associate during the hours when group fitness classes are not in session. Not only will a special exercise circuit be arranged, but space will be available for you to work your muscles independently.

Apologies for the short notice! As the many pieces fell into place, we decided this would be an awesome gift for our valued members and staff for the New Year and beyond! We appreciate your patience during this transition and look forward to offering you a state-of-the-art top notch Fitness Center! Stay tuned for an updated fitness schedule for the week of December 2-9. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns: