Nurturing Children

The YWCA of Asheville wants to help families nurture and care for their children. The YWCA provides a licensed, 5-Star Early Learning Program (6wks - Pre-K) and Primary Enrichment Program (After School and Summer Camp), offering excellent learning enrichment, homework help, and recreation in a diverse supportive environment. To help working families afford our child care services, the YWCA participates in the NC Subsidized Child Care program.

Other families need short-term child care while the parent is working on their education, looking for a job, or otherwise seeking economic self-sufficiency. The YWCA Empowerment Child Care provides up to 12 hours a week of  free, quality child care for parents in transition. We also offer convenient Pay-by-the-Hour Child Care to support more families in our community.

The YWCA also wants to help young families get a good start. The MotherLove program helps pregnant and parenting teens stay in school, access higher education and vocational training, develop the skills and knowledge needed to become strong parents and delay another teen pregnancy.