Stand Against Racism

The YWCA’s Stand Against Racism, which happens annually in April, is a partnership of YWCA Associations throughout the country with the goal of bringing people together from all walks of life to raise awareness that racism still exists and that it can no longer be ignored or tolerated. Our strength is in numbers!

Any group of any size can become a Participating Site of the Stand Against Racism: corporations large or small, schools (from elementary schools to universities), government agencies, non-profit or civic organizations, hospitals, houses of worship, even a group of neighbors gathered around a kitchen table. As a Participating Site of the Stand Against Racism, you can host a “Stand” at your location. Events can be either private or public, or you can choose attend and support another group's event. Participation in the Stand Against Racism is free and becoming a participating site is very simple. When you sign up, you will be provided with materials and support for your event.

Ideas for the Stand Against Racism
Participating can be as simple as hanging a poster or wearing the "racism hurts everyone" buttons that you will be provided.
Or you can host an public event, rally or day of service. No matter what shape the “stand” takes in each participating site, all activities will echo the theme: “racism is unacceptable.” These events are also an opportunity to expand local discussions around racial justice, the fact that racism still exists as a problem today and what we as individuals can do to combat it.
Things Your Organization Can do to Stand Against Racism
Ways Schools Can Stand Against Racism
Racial Justice Resources  

Click here for a listing of local Stand Against Racism Events