Facility Rental

Rental of YWCA Facilities and Pool Parties

Thank you for considering the YWCA of Asheville for your event. Our mission is eliminating racism and empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. By renting space in our facility, you are supporting this mission.

The YWCA hours of operation are; Monday – Friday 5:30 am – 9:00 pm, Saturday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm & Sunday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm. We do not allow any rentals outside of these operating hours.

Rooms for Rent

Three of our rooms are available for a fee. This fee varies based on whether you are a member of the YWCA, a nonmember or a local non-profit.

The Multipurpose Room (MP) is our largest room and it holds about 70 people with tables and chairs. We can NOT accommodate any children party inflatables in this room. 

The Board Room has a fixed seating arrangement of tables and chairs for 20-25 people. Audio Visual Equipment must be reserved in advance; we cannot accommodate last minute requests.

You are responsible for your own set up and clean up. Please allow enough time in your booking to set the space up as you need. We provide tables and chairs only. Please bring your own supplies for use during your function. The YWCA does not provide play equipment, first aid supplies, office supplies or meal supplies such as napkins, plates, cups, etc, or serving utensils. Kitchen facilities are not included with any rental. The playgrounds are for YWCA program use only and are not included in any rentals. Be sure to leave areas as you found them before your function. This includes sweeping floor areas, wiping down the tables. The front desk can help in locating a broom and dust pan for your use. Please stack the chairs as they were and fold up any tables and place them by the windows. Chaperons are required to check the locker rooms to be sure these areas are clean and showers are turned off after pool use.

Pool Parties

Pool Parties are NOT available during the summer until August 9, 2018. Pool party rentals include 1 hour in the pool and 1 hour in the MP room for up to 30 participants. Your party has the pool to itself with a lifeguard. YWCA’s swimmies and balls may be used. You may bring your own pool equipment. The diving board, slide and blocks are not available for use during parties. If participants, adults and children exceed 25, then an additional lifeguard is required at the fee of $20.00. We require 1 week notice of the need for an additional lifeguard. If no arrangements have been made and more than 30 persons show up, the guard will need to control the number of people in the pool by having swimmers take turns.

 Pool Party rentals include 1 hour in the MP room and 1 hour in the pool. We do not have any 2 hour pool times available. Please be on time as these times have been reserved for you and cannot be adjusted due to tardiness.

We are a smoke free campus so please refrain from smoking in the building or on the YW campus at any time. This includes all participants of your party. The YWCA is a fragrance-free environment. Thank you for not wearing any cologne, after shave lotion, perfume, perfumed hand lotion, fragrance hair products and/or similar products.

For more information or to book a rental, contact Eli Taylor, HR & Finance Coordinator, at elizabeth.taylor@ywcaofasheville.org or 828-254-7206, ext 218.