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 YWCA of Asheville and Western North Carolina  

Director of Empowerment Child Care - Full Time

Title: Director of Empowerment Childcare
Department: Empowerment Childcare
Reports to: Deputy Director
Effective Date: March 2017

Position Summary: This is the professional position responsible for overall administration, management, effectiveness and oversight of the Empowerment Childcare’s operation. The Director of Empowerment Childcare assists the YWCA in examining, deliberating and developing policy, and then implementing these policies through authority over the resources and personnel of the center. The Empowerment Childcare Director supervises the Empowerment Childcare Coordinator. The Director is a member of the senior leadership team of the YWCA. This position is full-time, exempt and benefits eligible.

The YWCA fosters a team environment and seeks employees who are dedicated to promoting our mission: eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Duties and Responsibilities:

General Responsibilities:
To know and work with the policies and procedures of the YWCA’s child care programs
To work cooperatively and collaboratively with the Empowerment Childcare Center, YWCA’s staff, Family Justice Center staff and AB Tech staff.
To work cooperatively and collaboratively with both clients and the general public.
To act professionally and responsibly when representing the Empowerment Childcare Center and the YWCA.
To understand and respect the work of the YWCA and staff.
To honor client and co-worker confidentially.
Management Responsibilities:
To develop an overall vision and direction for the center, anticipating both future opportunities and concerns.
To design and implement a marketing plan, in conjunction with the Communications Specialist, for the pay-by-the-hour portion of the program to ensure the sustainability of Empowerment Childcare.
To direct Center operations in a manner consistent with the requirements of the contractual agreement, laws, regulations, funding requirements and the YWCA direction.
To establish and oversee operating systems and administrative policies and procedures to assure efficient Center operations and appropriate growth and development.
To review and administer personnel policies and practices to insure ongoing compliance, maintain clear lines of authority and delegate tasks for staff to carry out.
To be available and accessible to YWCA and Center staff, parents, AB Tech contacts and community stakeholders.
To work with Center and YWCA staff, Parent Volunteers and AB Tech students to empower individuals and teams to respond to opportunities and needs.

Operational Responsibilities:
To develop and implement appropriate childcare policies and procedures addressing the needs of children, parents and volunteers.
To train and facilitate the placement of staff, Parent Volunteers and AB Tech students working in the Center.
To supervise and work collaboratively with child care staff and volunteers to guarantee best practices.
To be administratively responsible for the physical site and maintenance of health and safety procedures.
To maintain a client waiting list and recruit and enroll new parents and children.
To ensure ongoing communication with and support of parents, staff and volunteers.

Empowerment Childcare:
Ensures quality child care for program participants
Supervises all aspects of 3 temporary childcare programs (ECC, AB Tech Parent Partnership, FJC)
Develops and oversees implementation of age appropriate learning experiences consistent with the mission and values of the YWCA.
Trains and supervises staff and Parent Volunteers, overseeing registration requirements, scheduling and attendance.
Regularly observes interaction with children and parents and responds as needed.
Designs and maintains Empowerment Childcare and administrative spaces to create a welcoming, fun, safe and sanitary environment.
Monitors activities for those using the Empowerment Childcare service.
Accurately tracks Empowerment attendance in various categories and develops and provides reports and analysis for grants and internal planning.
Ensures shared expectation and a successful experience for children by establishing and sustaining honest and supportive relationships with parents
Monitors care of children, working with parents as necessary to ensure safety and quality of care at home.
Protects children by reporting ongoing inappropriate care to DSS when necessary.
Empowers teachers, parents and support staff to provide a consistently positive and enriching experience to support healthy child development.
Does intakes.
Refers parents to Community Service Navigator if needed
Handles parent complaints/concerns that cannot be handled by lead teacher/ volunteers
Attends community meetings regarding FJC and AB Tech as needed
Collaborates with possible resources such as Work Study and Early Childhood AB Tech students
Schedules and maintains AB Tech assigned Work Study, parent and additional volunteers participation

YWCA Administration:
Ensures alignment with the administrative policies of the YWCA
Participates as a member of the organization leadership team for planning and ongoing operations. Serves as Manager on Duty as needed.
Participates in grant planning and supports the Advancement Office in grant writing and reporting for funding from all sources.
Provides excellent customer service, personally and through staff, ensuring that all program participants are welcomed, provided with accurate and complete information, provided with a positive experience, shown respect and appreciation, and assistance with willingness and responsibility.
Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the YWCA’s policies. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring and training employees, assigning and directing work, evaluating performance, addressing concerns and resolving problems.

Education and Experience:
A Bachelor’s level degree with specialized college-level courses in administration, leadership and management preferred. Coursework and /or certification in early childhood education and at least 4 years of additional experience in a related field. Experience supervising staff and program administration. Excellent written, verbal and communication skills. Training in Positive Parenting and Trauma resiliency encouraged . Spanish fluency and a background in social work is a plus.
Send Resume, cover letter and application to  

Application deadline is February 28, 2017.

Salary Range: $35,000 to $40,000 

YWCA of Asheville and Western North Carolina  

CDL Bus Driver: Part-time, non-exempt

Title: Bus Driver
Department: Primary Enrichment
Reports to: Director of Primary Enrichment Program
Effective Date: November 2016
Position Summary: Bus drivers ensure the safe transport of children enrolled in YWCA programs. Drivers take responsibility for bus maintenance. Driving is primarily for the Primary Enrichment (After School) and Summer Camp programs, but drivers may be asked to drive at other times and for other programs. The position is part-time, year round and non-exempt.

The YWCA fosters a team environment and seeks employees who are dedicated to promoting our mission: eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Ensures the safety of children by following all YWCA bus policies as well as state and local safety laws.
Assists and supports counselors and teachers in encouraging safe behavior by children on buses.
Stays up to date on all rules regarding safe conduct for children during transport, including those from the state licensing bureau.
Engages with children appropriately, learning names and modeling professional behavior.
Ensures that buses are clean and doors and windows securely locked at the end of each day.
Continually communicates with the Director of Primary Enrichment Program about the condition of buses or problems with child behavior on buses that can lead to unsafe conditions.
Ensures that buses are always fueled.
Arranges for repairs and regular maintenance with approved mechanics, and assists in transferring buses to repair shops when necessary.
Reports any accident or incident immediately via telephone to the Director of School Age Programs or, if unavailable, to the Director of Programs, Director of Operations or the Executive Director.

Program Administration
Records travel time and distance as directed.
Collects invoices at the time of fueling and at the completion of maintenance on vehicles and conveys them to the Director of Primary Enrichment Program.
Attends all staff meetings as required by the Director.

YWCA Administration:
Provides excellent customer service, ensuring that all members and participants at the YWCA are welcomed, provided with accurate and complete information, and shown respect and appreciation. Willingly and responsibly facilitates solutions to problems presented by staff, members, and participants.
Attends trainings assigned by the YWCA administration.
Assumes other responsibilities appropriate for the position as requested by the YWCA administration.
Will work with a culturally and economically diverse population of YWCA members, participants, and staff members.
Is responsible for knowing all conditions of employment, including the contents of the YWCA staff policy manual.
Maintains confidentiality at all times regarding information about participants and colleagues.

Working Conditions:
Will be in direct contact with school age children and may be exposed to childhood illnesses.
Works with a culturally and economically diverse group of children, parents, and colleagues.

Physical Demands:
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job: May occasionally lift and/or move heavy objects or boxes; must be physically able to perform CPR and basic first aid; will enter and exit school buses several times a day; may be asked to drive long distances within the state of North Carolina.

Certifications and skills:
Must be at least 21 years of age.
Must have a valid North Carolina Commercial Driver’s License with passenger endorsement.
Will be trained in CPR and basic first aid.
Must be able to maintain order among large groups of children according to YWCA and state guidelines for handling childhood behaviors.

Accepting application until February 28th, 2017.

Application available online at

Applications and resumes should be sent to or to the attention of Mary Beth Herman.