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Current Job Openings:

Empowerment Childcare Counselor

DEPARTMENT: Empowerment Childcare Program


REPORTS TO: Director of Empowerment Childcare


FUNCTION: Empowerment Childcare Counselors are responsible for ensuring that children in the care of the Empowerment Center are safe, have sanitary conditions, have activities, interaction with counselors or volunteers, and are provided with food according to guidelines. The Empowerment Childcare Center serves the children of Motherlove participants and of Club W members. The position is part time, year round and non-exempt.




• Ensures that the center is open, safe, and cleaned using the prescribed sanitation methods.
Ensures that parents dropping off children are personally greeted and that parents remain confident that the center is safe and clean and is providing appropriate stimulation for their children. Maintain a high level of organization when handling the possessions of child participants.
Ensures that staffing levels are appropriate for the number of children at all times by regulating intake of Health and Fitness participants if necessary.
• Provides structure and maintain order by making sure that age-appropriate activities are available and develop new activities as required. Participate in activities with children and exercise approved methods of redirection when needed.
Maintain a tidy environment in the Center throughout the day and evening. Engage children in clean up and set up.
• Engages with and explains protocols to volunteers when needed. Facilitate volunteer-led activities.
• Ensures that food is prepared and served appropriately. Provides healthy options. Advises the director when food is needed; creates lists.
• Coordinates and consults with parents on concerns such as improper clothing or inadequate provisions. Advises parents on child’s daily activity; include reports on any problems the children encountered.
• Adopts appropriate tone with parents. Practices good customer service at all times.
• Reports non-compliance regarding provisions as well as non-compliance regarding pick-up time to the director immediately.
• Ensures that information (contact information, allergies, etc.) on parents and children are up to date at all times by using prescribed sign in procedures.
• Ensures that parents sign in and out at every visit and that appropriate forms are completed and up to date.


Education level: High school diploma or higher 
Experience: Must have experience working with children in a daycare setting
Certifications: EDU119 is minimum requirement


HOURS OF WORK: Hours vary between day and evening hours, some Saturday mornings required.


STARTING WAGE RANGE: $10.00 minimum, more depending on Education


FLSA STATUS: non-exempt


HOW TO APPLY: Submit resume and cover letter:
DEADLINE: May 18, 2018


Early Learning Program Teacher

REPORTS TO: Director of Early Learning Program

FUNCTION: Early Learning Program Teachers provide supervision, educational opportunities, and give quality care to children--aged 6 weeks to five years--in a safe, loving environment. Teachers are responsible for establishing the environment of the room to which they are assigned and for ensuring that other adult caregivers are meeting goals of excellence set by the Director of the Early Learning Program.



  • Works together with co-teacher to produce the curriculum for each day and to provide a schedule for the class ensuring that curriculum guidelines and requirements established by the center are met.
  • Stays up-to-date on and implements rules and regulations regarding health, safety, and cleanliness for a five-star- rated child care center.
  • Stays up-to-date on the latest theories of and best practices for promoting language, cognitive, social and emotional, and physical development for children in the assigned classroom.
  • Works together with co-teacher to ensure that administrative tasks are accomplished each day.
  • Directs volunteers in the classroom ensuring compliance with all regulations and also ensuring a quality experience for the volunteer.
  • Interacts appropriately with parents when present in the classroom; ensures that parents are informed of children’s daily activities, health concerns, eating habits, and other areas of interest to the family.
  • Models positive behavior for children according to the culture and mission of the YWCA, including non-violent speech and action and respect for all.
  • Participates actively and positively in the YWCA’s initiatives toward reducing childhood obesity; acts as a role model and provides positive guidance to children toward trying new foods, appropriate table manners, and the enjoyment of exercise.


Education level: Early Head Start Credentials, AA, Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Early Childhood

Experience: Minimum 6 moths experience or educational equivalency

Certifications: CPR and First Aid certification, CRC Background check letter

HOURS OF WORK: Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 6:00pm

STARTING WAGE RANGE: Starting at $10.00 and up depending on Education

FLSA STATUS: nonexempt, full time with benefits


HOW TO APPLY: Submit resume and cover letter:
DEADLINE: May 18, 2018



Fitness Associate

REPORTS TO: Health and Wellness 


FUNCTION: YWCA of Asheville Fitness Associate has a passion for helping people in their health and fitness journey. The Fitness Associate assures that members have a high quality experience while exercising in the YWCA fitness club and ensures the safety of members. The Fitness Associate collaborates in the retention and engagement of members and provides support to the Club Coordinator in all areas of operation. This position is part-time, year-round and non-exempt.


  • Responsible for the daily maintenance and safety of the fitness center. Duties include daily cleaning and maintenance of fitness equipment, including but not limited to vacuuming under treadmills, wiping equipment and mats, sweeping, deodorizing, refilling supplies, cleaning cycle room and fans. Inspects the equipment on a daily schedule and reports any unsafe conditions and equipment to the Fitness Club Coordinator immediately.
  • Conducts tours of the fitness center and the YWCA for prospective fitness club members. Provides membership information; signs up new members.
  • Orients new members to the uses of the equipment in the fitness center. Ensures that members understand how to operate the weight-resistance and cardiovascular equipment in a safe and correct manner. Demonstrates safe exercises.
  • Enforces all facility, rules, and regulations
  • Responds to members concerns and questions; takes initiative on assisting members when needed and encouraging members to exercise.
  • Must be able access Daxko Engage and manage member accounts and update notes


Education level: High school diploma or higher required


Certifications: Personal Training Certifications are preferred and are considered assets for this position, as is speaking Spanish. Current CPR certification and basic first aid knowledge is required.


HOURS OF WORK: 4-9:00pm and some weekends


STARTING WAGE RANGE: Starting at $10.00 and up depending on Education


HOW TO APPLY: Submit resume and cover letter:
DEADLINE: May 18, 2018


Guest Services Associate

REPORTS TO: Health and Wellness


FUNCTION: Guest Services is responsible for the efficient management of the reception area in the entrance lobby with a focus on pleasurable guest experiences and the safety and security of all who enter the YWCA facilities. As the “face of the organization,” our Guest Services staff provides an excellent first impression by being well informed, computer literate, and exhibiting a pleasant demeanor. This position is part-time, non-exempt, reports to the Guest Services Supervisor and provides support for the Membership Coordinator. Work on weekends, early mornings and evenings is required.


  • Responsible for Guest Services as a primary public point of communication with program participants, Health & Wellness members, and other visitors ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information about all programs and operations is provided.
  • Provides excellent customer service, ensuring that all members, guests and participants are greeted in a friendly, respectful, and courteous manner. Excellent customer service includes providing information and assistance in a professional manner. Maintains a positive relationship with regular members and program participants.
  • Utilizes database effectively and efficiently for all interaction and transactions. Ensures money is accurate at the end of each shift. Ensures that all merchandise sold is correctly accounted for by department.
  • Successfully completes the sign up process for Fitness Club memberships and programs. Ensures that the computer responsibilities associated with all registrations are completed correctly.
  • Manages building security by opening and closing, using the alarm system, and controlling access to the building as appropriate.
  • Facilitates communication throughout the building. Ensures all phone calls are answered efficiently and courteously and transferred appropriately. Notifies Membership Coordinator of urgent needs and notifies correct personnel of any emergency situations. Directs guests to appropriate location as needed.
  • Maintains an organized and presentable membership desk and lobby. This includes periodically wiping front doors and filing paperwork.
  • Monitors individual email account to stay up to date on information.
  • Follows established schedule and required to attend monthly staff meetings, one-on-one meetings with the Guest Services Supervisor, and any trainings as needed.
  • Assumes other responsibilities as assigned by the Membership Coordinator. This may include small projects from other departments when needed, i.e. stuffing envelopes, helping input data, or assisting with special events.
  • Qualified candidates who are fluent in Spanish and English are encouraged to apply.
Required Skills:
  • High school diploma or higher is required.
  • Computer literacy (email, for example) is required. The willingness and capacity to learn data entry using specialized YWCA software is also required.
  • A pleasant demeanor and the ability to work with people in difficult situations are required.
  • Initiative and willingness to find solutions to membership and guest services inefficiencies.
  • Guest Services staff is required to present a well groomed appearance and wear attire as described in the YWCA Personnel Handbook.
Physical Demands: Guest Services employees work at a desk for long hours operating a personal computer. They may be required to stand for long periods as well. Employees will occasionally be asked to distribute salt on the front entrance way during winter weather conditions.


HOURS OF WORK: 20-30 hours per week, with opportunity for more in the future


STARTING WAGE RANGE: $10.00-$10.50 per hour


HOW TO APPLY: Submit resume and cover letter:
DEADLINE: May 18, 2018



REPORTS TO: Chief Operating Officer


FUNCTION: The Janitor is responsible for the day-to-day housekeeping and cleaning of the facility, ensuring that all public and administrative areas are kept clean, safe and sanitary in support of all programs and operations. The position identifies areas needing attention and recommends action as appropriate for on-going and major housekeeping efforts. The position is part-time, 25 hours per week, and non-exempt.


  • Follows established schedule, procedures and policies for the regular on-going preparation and maintenance of a clean and safe environment in all facilities
  • Meets all governmental and agency regulations for sanitation and cleanliness.
  • Meets standards and schedule for completion of assigned duties including but not limited to:
  • Removal of all trash and recycling
  • Regular and thorough cleaning of all locker rooms, bathrooms, break room and appliances
  • Regular and thorough cleaning of all public areas, lobby, program areas and offices
  • Management of cleaning supplies and equipment inventory, emphasizing use of ecologically appropriate and cost effective products and supplies and ensuring adequate supplies are available to fulfill job functions.
  • Collaborates with maintenance staff to ensure effective functioning of all sanitation and plumbing equipment.
  • Implements major housekeeping projects as needed as the discretion of the Director of Operations and Human Resources.
  • Identifies and reports any system or facility housekeeping or maintenance issues to the Director of Operations and Human Resources.
  • Interacts with constituents to provide a positive experience, respond to requests for assistance in a positive and helpful manner, greet everyone in a friendly, respectful and courteous manner, offers assistance as needed.
  • Responds to emergency or unanticipated housekeeping requests in a timely manner.
  • Assumes other responsibilities as may be appropriate for the position.
Physical Demands: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job: frequently required to move throughout the building, on your feet many hours per day, required to work with cleaning chemicals, may occasionally lift and/or move heavy objects or boxes.


HOURS OF WORK: 25 hours per week: Varies


STARTING WAGE RANGE: $10.00 per hour


HOW TO APPLY: Submit resume and cover letter:
DEADLINE: May 18, 2018



Kitchen Assistant

REPORTS TO: Kitchen Manager


FUNCTION: The kitchen assistant supports food production, kitchen safety and sanitation for the YWCA’s Child Care Center and the School Age Program. Responsibilities include preparing snack/meals, washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, and serving food to children. Assisting Kitchen manager as needed, the position is part-time, some kitchen work needed.


  • Under the direction of the Nutrition Coordinator and Kitchen Manager, works independently or as part of a team to prepare food for the lunch and/or afternoon snack for the Child Care Center and/or assists in the preparation of the snack for the School Age programs, and preps food for the following day.
  • Delivers food to classrooms as required.
  • Communicates needs from teachers to cook staff.
  • Washes dishes used in preparation and children’s dishes following meal service and cleans kitchen equipment and surfaces as required.
  • Under the direction of the Child Nutrition Coordinator follows all protocols for sanitation both in preparation of food and clean-up of the kitchen and dishes.
  • Assumes other responsibilities as may be appropriate for the position.
Physical Demands: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job: Will work in extreme heat and or cold, will stand for several hours per day; works with cleaning compounds; may occasionally lift and/or move heavy objects or boxes. May come in contact with children and may be exposed to childhood illnesses.

HOURS OF WORK: 25 hours per week: Monday-Friday


STARTING WAGE RANGE: $10.00 per hour


HOW TO APPLY: Submit resume and cover letter:
DEADLINE: May 18, 2018




REPORTS TO: Aquatics


FUNCTION: Must have a current American Red Cross Lifeguarding Certificate as well as thorough knowledge and application of lifeguarding rescue techniques. Must also be willing to learn knowledge of the principals and practices of facility rules, policies and procedures, and the ability to work with diverse populations in a variety of situations. Must be physically able to perform CPR.


  • Maintains vigilance over pool participants at all time from a position on the pool deck.
  • Becomes familiar with physical circumstances of participants, paying attention to visible medical conditions and limitations.
  • Learns participants’ names.
  • Assist participants as needed, projecting professionalism at all times.
  • Collects tickets and logs each participant to record attendance in each activity.
  • Attends mandatory in-service trainings as arranged by the Aquatics Coordinator.
  • Immediately communicates any problems or issues affecting the safety and enjoyment of participants to the Aquatics Coordinator or Aquatics Assistant—by telephone if necessary.
  • When serving an opening or closing shift, performs extra duties defined by the Aquatics Coordinator or Aquatics Assistant
  • Tests the water temperature and condition at regular intervals during shift according to schedule and standards set by the Aquatics Coordinator or Aquatics Assistant. Accurately records results.
  • When not supervising participants, takes initiative to organize program supplies and toys, arrange ropes for the next activity, clean the deck, check the First Aid Kit, and perform other duties as described the Aquatics Coordinator or Aquatics Assistant.

Minorities are encouraged to apply. Fluency in Spanish is desired. Qualified Candidates who are fluent in Spanish and English are strongly encouraged to apply. 

HOURS OF WORK: Part-time


STARTING WAGE RANGE: $10.00 per hour


HOW TO APPLY: Submit resume and cover letter:
DEADLINE: May 18, 2018


MotherLove Coordinator

REPORTS TO: Director of Women's Empowerment
FUNCTION: The MotherLove Coordinator is a member of the Women’s Empowerment Department at the YWCA. The Women’s Empowerment Coordinator will be responsible for managing the MotherLove program and related grants under the supervision of the Director of Women’s Empowerment. The MotherLove Coordinator carries a caseload of approximately 45 adolescent parents in the MotherLove program and leads all teen parenting groups at various schools in Buncombe County. This position requires occasional flexible evening availability and weekend work to host MotherLove or community advocacy events. A flexible work schedule is available to meet the needs of these programs and to ensure the Coordinator is only working the required 40 hours per week. The position is full time, non-exempt, benefits eligible, co-supervises up to two Women’s Empowerment college interns.


● Conducts one-on-one monthly home visits with 30 first-time pregnant or parenting teens attending school in Buncombe County/Asheville City schools. Assesses health and safety of participant and baby during each home visit and identifies areas of needed intervention and support. Follows participant desires in planning for future home visits.
● Assesses and qualifies referrals for program participation, completing intake paperwork and electronic record keeping. Identifies key areas of concern and refers participant/family to other community services as appropriate.
● Leads the planning and implementation of monthly “Lunch Bunch” sessions at each participating school. and in planning self-led Lunch Bunch sessions.
● Leads the planning and implementation of the Be Proud, Be Responsible, Be Protective Sexual Health curriculum at least 2 times per year.
● Recruits and oversees the program Community Advisory Committee
● Maintains a high level of professional development through state required conferences and meetings as well as additional training and learning opportunities.
● Ensures the safety and support of interns through regular supervision utilizing the Reflective Supervision model.
● Transports program participants to and from appointments and program groups in personal vehicle.
● Co-supervises Women’s Empowerment interns in accordance with the YWCA’s policies. Responsibilities include interviewing, and training interns, assigning and directing work, evaluating performance, addressing concerns and resolving problems.
● Orders and ensures meals provided for groups follow YWCA health guidelines.
● Ensures all print and electronic media information regarding MotherLove follows YW guidelines
● Participates in planning the MotherLove programs annual budget, ensuring compliance with all grant requirements and assisting in identification and communication with funding prospects and sources.
● Identifies community resource agencies that offer referrals and/or services to support program goals. Develops and maintains relationships with partner agencies to promote the program and access resources needed to achieve success. Advocates for services to support the program and individual participants in education, medical and social services.
● Reviews grant goals and outcomes for all funding sources and ensures MotherLove is operating as required by grantors are up to date

Education level:  BSW required; MSW preferred
Experience: Experience working with both teenagers and adults preferred
Other: Excellent written and verbal communication
Technical: Computer Proficiency; Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Excel, Spanish fluency preferred 



• Frequently works evening hours
• Occasionally will have to transport clients to and from group meetings
• Occasionally is expected to attend events during the day and on weekends. Flex time is available to offset any work time beyond the 40 hour work week.
• Is required to travel locally and statewide for program activities.
STARTING WAGE RANGE: $29,000 - $33,000
HOW TO APPLY: Submit resume and cover letter to:
Deadline: June 1, 2018